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A journey of hope - We have journeyed throughout this remarkable land

Since its inception, the Rally to Read has been an exciting and inspiring journey. From the very beginning, the wheels of this project have turned through the dedication of organisers, hosts and sponsors - all with the common vision of bringing hope through literacy.

Participants have become familiar with the most remote and remarkable parts of our country in an effort to find those schools which have historically been left teetering on the fringes of mainstream education.

A simple expedition to deliver stationery to 12 rural schools in 1998 has developed into something far more significant today where we deliver educational books and resources to hundreds of schools reaching tens of thousands of children in all eight provinces.

The Rally to Read teams are always welcomed so joyously into the vibrant communities of these far-reaching areas.. We look forward to the blissful harmonies of the Zulu, Xhosa, South Sotho, Venda, sePedi, Afrikaans and Tswana people.

The journey has evolved into a holistic development programme

We have used our collective experience and the lessons learnt of over the past years to constantly enhance the programme. The Rally to Read has evolved over the many years to become a comprehensive and multi-pronged development programme focussing on all aspects of literacy - reading, writing and general communication. The literacy aspect is taught and delivered in both English and the local vernacular.

The literacy materials developed and supplied through The READ Educational Trust is strongly influenced by international expertise on literacy development. It is aligned with the standards specified by the Revised National Curriculum and is endorsed by the Department of Basic Education. The programme has evolved into a three-year process that not only involves the provision of selected books but also includes teacher training and support for a period post the delivery of these books.  The resources provided to teachers and learners ensure that modern teaching methods are incorporated in the teaching process.

Books and educational toys are also provided for Grade R children ensuring that they are better-equipped for when they commence their foundation-phase schooling.

A personal rally journey has been travelled by thousands of people over many years

The old adage “it’s better to give than to receive” has rung true for many of the Rally to Read participants, who feel that they have received far more than they have given. Most return year after year to be a part of this extraordinary journey.

Rally organisers, co-ordinators and team leaders travel great distances on several scouting trips to locate and assess schools that will become beneficiaries of the programme.
For the READ Educational Trust trainers the Rally to Read weekend is just the beginning of the journey. These committed individuals continue to drive the routes to these schools for the duration of the three-year programme, becoming integrated into the communities that they are empowering.

This Journey Has Crossed Many Paths

The organisers, hosts and sponsors of the programme represent almost all sectors of the business world. The Rally to Read provides a unique platform where corporate South Africa is united by a common purpose and belief that together they can play a critical role in our country’s quest to address the major educational challenges it faces

The schools served over the years have been on their own journeys, to provide their learners with a better quality of education.

The Power Of The Rally To Read Project

South Africa still faces so many socio-economic challenges with unemployment, poverty and crime being highest on the national agenda and education remains a critical response to these concerns. The Rally to Read programme has a direct positive impact on the Department of Education’s documented national priorities - “Reduce illiteracy... Develop the professional abilities of the teaching force... School effectiveness and teacher professionalism... and ...Equip pupils with appropriate skills, especially with regard to maths, science and technology...”

Through the collaborative efforts of organisers, hosts and sponsors the lives of thousands of children are impacted every year.

More importantly, hundreds of teachers are up-skilled and empowered through their participation in the training programme, in turn benefiting not only their learners but their communities as a whole.


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